Friday, 24 August 2007

Travel tips - how to respect the environment

Following on from my blog yesterday when I talked about how to be socially and culturally respectful, I'd also like to post a few tips on how to respect the environment when travelling abroad.

If you're staying in an eco-accommodation, the majority of them will already have processes in place to recycle, conserve energy and water and to limit damaging waste. However, you shouldn't expect them to do all the work! You can help them along by using water and energy as efficiently as possible e.g. don’t leave taps running or lights on unnecessarily, by taking shampoos etc. with you that are bio-degradable, by never littering and by recycling anything you can (if there are no facilities for recycling certain products e.g. plastic bottles, where you are, take these home with you to recycle).

So that you don’t upset the natural balance or cause erosion, stick to marked trails (both when walking and driving), don't disturb the local wildlife with excessive noise and don’t take any souvenirs from along the way.

Also, please don't buy anything that has come from an endangered animal species, or a protected species of plant and don’t support shows where animals are used for entertainment.

I'm sure there are other ways of protecting the environment while you're travelling - any other tips please drop me a line!