Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Eco-lodge in Sri Lanka

Today sees the addition of another fantastic, and unique, eco lodge on, this time in Sri Lanka.

Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is located 10km from the small town of Buttala. It is surrounded by bush-jungle as well as a unique patch of mature dry zone tall tropical forest - one of the last strongholds in Sri Lanka for the rare and protected Ebony-tree, some of which are huge and 400 years old.

Life at Tree Tops is a journey back to basics; in rustic huts made from clay and wood from dead trees found in the forest, vegetarian meals are prepared native style on wood fire, there is no electricity, nights are black, and bathing is primitive at a freshwater well.

The ecolodge vision of Tree Tops is to live with nature and amongst wildlife. To keep the original camp feeling and nature in focus, the credo is: basic, simple and minimal comforts. Keeping the lodge small and for the exclusive few is part of this strategy.