Thursday, 6 September 2007

New product announcement - Eco Lodge in Costa Rica!

Today sees the launch of another great eco lodge on, the first of a few to come in Costa Rica!

As home to many protected national parks and reserves, and an array of exotic plant and animal life, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for eco-tourists over the years. In addition to its pristine rainforests and wildlife reserves, Costa Rica is home to volcanoes and hot springs along with golden beaches (Costa Rica means ‘rich coast’) where endangered sea turtles nest. Eco-tourism began in Costa Rica in the 1980’s as a way of improving the economy and of stopping deforestation, and a national conservation system was put in to place.

Lake Coter Eco Lodge Resort & Hotel is a rain forest ecotourism resort situated along Costa Rica's beautiful Northern Pacific Mountains, an exclusive location with breathtaking panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano and the famous Coter and Arenal Lakes.

Although the Lodge does not have policies to reduce energy consumption, it does have policies to conserve water and recycle in addition to providing an important source of income to the local Maleku Indians - the Maleku community of approximately 600 indigenous people is located about 30 kilometers away from the hotel and has built 2 Communal Huts or “Palenques” on the Eco Lodge’s reserve to provide an opportunity for guests to interact with them and to learn about their traditions, food and culture.

The hotel also has a private reserve of 250 hectares of primary forest along with 50 hectares of secondary forest and pasture land. Guests can take educational environmental tours in the reserve.