Wednesday, 22 August 2007

eco travel tips - before you go

The other day I posted some tips for eco travel with regards to transportation, but this isn't the only thing you can think about before you go.

Once you’ve decided on your destination and sorted out your flights, there are a few things you can think about and prepare for before you arrive.

Firstly, you can research the cultural does and don’ts of the local population. For example, in some countries it is rude to point at things with your feet, to touch people on the head or to drink alcohol. By researching things like this before you go, you can be respectful of people and their culture when you arrive.

Dress code is also an important factor – if you are travelling to a country where it is disrespectful to show certain parts of the body, it’s best to know this before you go so that you can pack accordingly.

Learning a few words of the local language before you go also shows respect and will help you to interact with the local people.

You may also want to look into local methods of transportation so that you can transfer to your accommodation and travel around the country both conveniently and responsibly e.g. take public transport instead of a private taxi to reduce carbon emmissions.

If you plan on taking tours during your holiday you could research local companies who use local guides and try to protect the environment, rather than booking trips with companies who give nothing back to the local communities.

And of course, you can use to find an eco-friendly accommodation and review its policies, ensuring it meets your criteria.

If anyone else has any eco travel tips I'd love to hear them!

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