Tuesday, 14 August 2007

ecobookers is launched!

After months and months of hard work, http://www.ecobookers.com/ is finally born!

ecobookers is founded in the belief that overseas travel can be a beneficial thing - not only should it be possible to visit new countries and experience new cultures without doing harm to them, it should actually be possible to have a positive impact.

Staying in an eco-friendly hotel or lodge is a big part of this, but I know from long hours of experience that they can be pretty hard to find. There are so many hotels describing themselves as eco-friendly, yet on closer inspection their policies run to little more than using bio-degradable detergents or changing the bed-linen less frequently.

But there are many great eco-hotels, lodges, hostels and camps around the world, and it's my mission to find them!!

1 comment:

Garri said...

Congrats on a well executed website but the hard work doesn't end here, it's only just begun ;-)

I notice your special offers pages doesn't have a RSS feed, are you planning on creating one?

Highly advisable as we're launching a web service in the new year which will allow you to distribute and publicise your special offers rapidly and easily.

But... you need to get your special offers hooked up to RSS.

Good luck with your site, we've subscribed to your blog.