Sunday, 25 May 2008

eco-chic Inn in Bangkok!

Today sees the addition of our first eco-friendly accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand, the boutique Old Bangkok Inn.

Situated on Rajadamnern Avenue in the heart of Bangkok’s old quarters, the hotel's entrance is at the starting line of Bangkok’s most historical thoroughfare.

Family run and operated, the property where the Old Bangkok Inn sits was originally a palace bestowed by King Chulalongkom (Rama V) and has been in the family's care for seven generations.

Furnished with Thai golden teak, each bedroom in this historic building has been individually restored to create its own special atmosphere, combining traditional elegance with modern amenities. The four guest rooms, four loft rooms and two suites (ten rooms in total) are named and decorated with Thai floral themes: Rice, Lemon Grass, Jasmine, Orchid, Rose and Lotus. Each room is individually and tastefully appointed with heirloom furniture and many are decorated with porcelain hand-painted by the inn's owner herself.

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