Monday, 5 May 2008

eco-friendly holiday cottage in Hungary

Today sees the first accommodation in Hungary to be featured on the ecobookers site.

Juniper Cottage, Tornaszentandrás, is located on the edge of the Aggtelek National Park in the hills of north-east Hungary.

This eco-friendly cottage is a traditional Hungarian country dwelling situated on the edge of the national park. The guesthouse is your very own place in the country, ideal for self-catering breaks with two bedrooms sleeping a maximum of six people.

This eco-friendly holiday cottage aims to have the smallest impact possible on the environment by using home-grown vegetables, organic products and alternative energy sources.

The park itself is a protected area of 20,000 hectares characterised by rolling hills of up to 600-metre altitudes, more than three-quarters of which are forested. It is renowned for its network of caves, which stretch over the border into Slovakia and give the surrounding landscape its diversity, with rolling hills, springs, sinkholes and broad valleys. There is an abundance of wildlife to discover here, from indigenous wildflowers to butterflies and bird life. In recent decades, small populations of wolf and lynx have re-emerged, yet remain rarer still than the region’s elusive wild boars.

For its unique topography and biodiversity, the area is both a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

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